Alfredo Palmero: la obra de una vida

Alfredo Palmero nació en Barcelona en el año 1966. Hijo de una familia de artistas, descubrió desde pequeño la pasión y dedicación con la que su abuelo entendía el arte. Del mismo nombre, el maestro Palmero, le enseño la base académica y la composición realista para crear un estilo propio.

Alfredo Palmero was born in Barcelona in 1966. Born into a family of artists, discovered since childhood passion and dedication with which his grandfather understood art. The same name, Palmero teacher, taught him the academic foundation and realistic composition to create a unique style.

The Art of Alfredo Palmero

Alfredo Palmero, born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1966, is now the third generation of a line of artists that began with his grandfather, Maestro Palmero, with whom he shared his name and a great love of painting. His famous harlequins, in which the artist illustrates the ambiguous duality of the human condition are also a metaphor for the artist himself, and his particular contemporary meninas (young maids in waiting) inspired by Velazquez, are in fact the glorification of women, nature and mother earth, as sources of life. He gives his characters looks that implore directly to the spectator… figures that form part of surrealistic surroundings.

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